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Cryptocurrency Mining: What It Is And How It Works
Cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, mining - all these concepts have become widespread on the Internet. What do they mean and how do they relate to each other? Cryptocurrency mining is an information currency mining process. In order to receive coins or any other currency, it is necessary to solve computer decrypts. Cryptocurrency mining began in 2009, and since then users can earn coins online through this process. The people involved in coin mining are called miners. However, these coins are not controlled by the state and cannot be controlled. The value of each coin and its value can fluctuate, as can the exchange rate. How do I get the currency? There are several ways: solo-mining and pool-mining. Solo-mining is that each user independently engaged in mining and all the coins are his property. When pool-mining several users combine their efforts and hunt for currency, after which the earned currency is divided among the team members. Initially, each Bitcoin had little value and was equivalent to a currency of less than $1. However, when the currency became popular and aroused interest, its exchange rate began to rise and reached even $600. Just like other currencies, Bitcoins have experienced crises and lost value. It used to be easy to earn currency using a personal computer, but in the future, when it was done by most users of the World Wide Web, the operation became complicated and it is possible to get currency, but only with the help of special equipment. However, this equipment is very expensive, so many prefer
16.01.2023, 13:41