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Answers to frequently asked questions

How long does it take to process an application ?
According to the rules of crediting payments has the following terms: Visa/MasterCard in Ukrainian banks takes from 5 to 60 minutes (in practice from 5 to 15 minutes) Payment is sent as soon as payment is received from you (bank terms can take up to 3 days ) The application receives the status of "Completed" - this means that the payment is sent to the specified details to be received. In case the payment was not received within the specified time - be sure to contact the support service for clarification.
If I paid less than indicated in the application ?
Your application will be recalculated for the amount of payment upon receipt of all network confirmations, according to the terms of the exchange. Be careful, indicate and pay equal amounts.
Wrong network / currency when paying!
Unfortunately, such things happen. Our experts will check the possibility of a refund. If a refund is possible, it will be made within 10 days minus 10% of the payment amount.
I want to cancel my application, what should I do?
To cancel the application, you need to contact the resource support. The refund will be made with a service commission of 10% after your payment is credited to our wallet. Applications that have received the status “Completed” cannot be canceled.
How AML Works - Validation ?
We check every incoming transaction for crypto coins through partners. This check allows us to identify stolen coins that were used for fraudulent purposes, passed through the mixer or were involved in DarkNet sites. If the system recognizes such coins, then the application receives the status “Risky payment”.
Working hours of the exchange service
The Ecash Expert exchange office operates seven days a week according to the following schedule: Mon-Sun: 09:00 - 22:00 Kyiv time. If there are no announcements about technical work on the site, then you can safely and without unnecessary approvals create an exchange request during working hours."
Where can I track the status of my application?
You can always easily trace the status of your application using the Personal Account of our service. Simply go to the «Applications» section using the login and password that were sent to your email at the time of registration or at the first creation of the application. We guarantee that access to your Personal Account will be protected and only you will be able to get information about the status of your application. Here you can find out what stage your application is at and be aware of each step of the process. To keep you up to date, we will also send your application status notices to your email address. So you will never miss the moment when the exchange will be completed or any additional action is required on your part.
Why do you need confirmations in the bitcoin system?
When receiving Bitcoin coins, their use does not occur instantly. The transfer of the completed payment is sent to the Bitcoin network for execution and must be included in a block in order to become confirmed. This process is called transaction confirmation. Each confirmation occurs when included in 1 block. When there are 2 or more such confirmations, the transfer is considered confirmed, and Ecash Expert operators start processing the application. This method protects against the reuse of the same Bitcoins, ensuring the reliability and security of the cryptocurrency network.
Why do you need card verification?
To prevent unauthorized withdrawal of funds from the card, exchange services are actively implementing the card verification procedure. Hacking online banking accounts is becoming more and more common, and it is easy for attackers to create duplicate SIM cards to transfer funds. In order not to fall into the trap of scammers, companies take security measures and introduce this additional verification step. Protect your finances and data by trusting reliable exchange services with a verification procedure.
How to recover a password?
As a step-by-step instruction: first press the "Login" button, then select the "Forgot password" option. Next, click on "Restore" and indicate the e-mail to which the registration was made. After that, a password confirmation letter with a unique link will be sent to the specified address. By clicking on this link, you confirm your desire to change your password and proceed to enter a new password for your account. This simple and secure process will help you regain access to your account if you forget your password.
Minimum exchange amount
On the Exchange page you will find a field showing the minimum amount of exchange for each specific destination. This information will be visible as soon as you select the areas of interest. It is important to note that we cannot exchange an amount that is less than the one set for each direction. For large exchange amounts, we operate according to current reserves, which are also available on the home page of the site. So you can always be aware of the availability of the exchange and choose the most convenient and advantageous for you option. We strive to provide our clients with transparent and reliable currency exchange services. Please review the specified minimum exchange amount and reserves before creating the application to make the exchange smooth and successful. Our team is always ready to provide support and answer your questions, if any.
Is the course fixed?
When creating an application, the course is fixed for twenty minutes, and an additional five minutes is given for verification, if necessary. If you change currency for the first time, the exchange rate will be fixed for 25 minutes. When exchanging cash in the direction of "Cash/Cryptocurrency" the rate is not fixed in advance, but calculated on the fact of arrival of the client in the office of the exchange service. However, when exchanging in the direction of "Cryptocurrency/Cash", the rate is fixed in cases where the customer agrees to send the cryptocurrency to the purse of the exchange service in advance, before his visit to the office. To do this, the client is provided with a cryptocurrency transfer wallet, and the exchange service operator sends the fixed rate at the time of receipt of the cryptocurrency. So you can be sure of the accuracy and transparency of the currency exchange operation. We strive to provide a high level of service and guarantee the reliability of our services. If you have any questions or need additional information, our team is always ready to help and provide the necessary support.
How to make an exchange?
For successful exchange, use the following instructions on the main page: - In the section "Send" select the currency you want to exchange; - In the "Get" tab, specify the desired currency to receive; - In the section "Your data", fill in the required fields for further processing of the application; - Click the "Start Exchange" button and the system will automatically create a request for you; - Transfer funds to the details of the application and confirm the payment by clicking "I paid"; - After processing the application you will receive the selected cryptocurrency or funds; - We would appreciate a positive feedback about our exchange service on monitoring. When making exchanges with us, you can be sure of the simplicity and reliability of the process. Our team is always ready to help and provide quality support. Stay with us and enjoy profitable exchanges!
Exchange commission
The exchange fee is already included in the total exchange amount and is shown transparently in the application. The User confirms his agreement to the commission when creating an application or transferring funds in favor of the Ecash.Expert exchange service. We provide fair terms and do not hide the commission in imperceptible detail. However, we respect our customers and understand that sometimes the commission may not meet your expectations. If the commission does not please the user, he has the right to cancel the application independently, without the need to contact the service technical support. It is important that every customer feels confident and satisfied when making exchanges with us. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and always strive to provide quality service and transparent conditions for your exchange operations. Our team is always available to answer your questions, if any. Share your confidence and comfort with Ecash.Expert!
Reasons for canceling an application
The application may be cancelled for the following reasons: - Funds did not arrive on time or at all. - Incorrect transfer details were provided. - There was no confirmation of payment by pressing the button on time, which led to automatic cancellation. - You canceled the application yourself. - The verification procedure was not completed. - Get acquainted with these reasons, eliminate possible violations and create a new application. Our team is always ready to help if you have any questions.
Is registration required to make an exchange?
Registration for the exchange is not required, it automatically occurs when you create the first application. To enter the personal account of Ecash.Expert, the data will be sent to your e-mail specified during the application process. If the data did not come, check the Spam folder. If you have problems with authorization, use the "Forgot password" form and first clear the browser cache. We value your safety and convenience in using our service, so we are always ready to provide the necessary assistance and support.
Can I refuse the exchange if I have already paid for the application?
If you have already paid the application, but it is not yet completed, you can refuse to exchange according to our regulations. In this case, the refund is minus 3% of the payment amount, the commission within the payment system network and the exchange rate difference (if the exchange rate has changed more than 3%). However, if the application is already "completed", unfortunately, it is not technically possible to cancel the exchange. We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend that you carefully check the details before paying for your application. We value your trust and strive to ensure the transparency and reliability of the exchange process. In case of questions, our team is always ready to help and provide quality support.
I exchanged funds via telegram / telegram bot, by agreement on the forum, skype, viber, but did not receive my funds. Why?
At us all exchanges are carried out through the application form on the official website https:/ecash.expert . The application provides all necessary details for successful exchange. Beware of fraudsters who introduce us and offer to exchange in a telegram. Please inform us of such cases so that we can take necessary measures! All of our official contacts are listed on the "Contacts" page. Your safety and trust are very important to us, and we do our best to ensure transparency and reliability in our exchange transactions. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us through official channels of communication - https://ecash.expert/contact
Is it possible to exchange an amount that is more than the one indicated on the site?
Certainly! Yes, you can contact the operator via online chat during business hours and discuss the details of the exchange. Our team will try to ensure sufficient reserves for the successful completion of your operation. We are always happy to help you with any questions and provide high-quality currency exchange.
How can I pay for the application?
After creating an application, click "Proceed to payment", and you will instantly receive all the necessary details for payment