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Exchange Ripple (XRP) for MonoBank
The exchange is carried out automatically and takes from 1 to 5 minutes
iconRipple (XRP)

Minimum exchange amount:100 XRP


Maximum exchange amount:20000 XRP

Exchange rate:1 XRP20.5526 UAH

  exchange conditions and rules AML Check
Dear clients, the amount due is fixed if the exchange rate has changed by no more than 0.3%. If the amount receivable has changed by more than 0.3%, the application will be recalculated or refunded according to the site rules. The cryptocurrency return fee is deducted from the amount received. The rate is calculated by exchanges: Binance, Forex, XE.

How to make an exchange Ripple (XRP) for MonoBank?

Policy AML/KYC "Note! There will be an AML check of your transaction. In case the cryptocurrency sent by you will have High Risk or is connected with illegitimate sources - will be carried out verification of identity.

>To exchange you need to do several steps:

1. Fill in all fields of the form. Click «Continue».
2. Read the terms of the exchange agreement, if you accept them, tick the corresponding box/click «I accept the agreement». Once again check the details of the application.
3. Pay the application. To do this, you should make a transfer of the necessary amount, following the instructions on our website.
4. After performing these actions, the system will move you to the page «Application Status», where the status of your translation will be indicated.