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What is cryptocurrency and how can it change the financial system?
Cryptocurrency is a digital asset created using cryptography to ensure the security and anonymity of transactions. One of the most famous cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, which appeared in 2009 and became the first decentralized digital currency. Cryptocurrency allows people to exchange money directly without an intermediary such as a bank. According to optimists, cryptocurrency can easily sideline banks, just as the Internet did with the print media. Some members of the financial community believe that using Bitcoin as a new foundation can rebuild the entire financial society. However, while cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of bold and enterprising investors, such as Bitcoin startups, it is still far from being mainstream. Financial monsters like MasterCard and Western Union are not going to give up positions, and cryptocurrency still faces challenges. One problem is that cryptocurrency does not solve the everyday problems that ordinary people face. The usual financial networks are well suited for transactions, and in this regard, few people want to change proven schemes. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also face the problem of lack of broad public and business support. In addition, the Bitcoin community is hampered by conservative attitudes that make people increasingly hostile to innovation. This makes it difficult to optimize the network in line with changing market requirements.
26.02.2023, 12:21